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 Guild rules

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PostSubject: Guild rules   Guild rules EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 2:40 am

Hello all old and new members of AllBLACKS!

First I gotta gratzulate you for reading this post and by doing so you have done half of what we would like you to do (joining the forums), 2nd half is to join TS channel (ip can be found from guild notice). Whitout further due I and rest of leaders welcome you to AllBLACKS. Most of us have played this game before, these aint our 1st characters and quite many of us got 140+ chars. If you have red guild notice, (I really hope you have) you should know something about the guild allready.

New rule: All new members must use team speak. Spoken language there is english. You get TS ip from guild members or from forums after joining the guild.

In AllBLACKS guildies come allwasy 1st, in DF, Crespo/Crevise/Abyss Dungeon and just general grinding. It doesent mean you cant solo, or pt with friends who are not in the guild, but if there is a guild pt with spots free, guildies come allways before random dudes.

We got new rule for DF's: if you are going to DF, you need to put your name in guild notice. All ppl got now authority to modify guild notice. You must put your name in the notice min 30 min before df. Don't put your whole name, 3-4 letter will suffice, enough when your name will be recognized. Also dont put your name there if you don't got enough vc's and your not 100% sure if you get them in time. We will take some actions if your name is in list and you will not show up, so do not put your name there for vain. Also you can only register for next df, you cannot save spot to the last df @ morning. Also you are not allowed to remove some1's name form the list or move it to 2nd pt. For expamle if 1st pt is full and you wanna get in to that pt, you will delete some1 form that pt or move his name to 2nd pt -> you will be kicked. Leaders will clean the list after each DF so you dont need to worry about that. AND DO NOT MESS WITH KOS LIST!!

Obviously pk:ing/ks:ing guildies is forbidden and will be deal swiftly. Hopefully we will never come to this. And same goes for possible allys ofc.

Couse this is pk-oriented game, killing other ppl is big part of the game. So don't be afraid to pk ppl IF you have a reason. Just random pking isn't allowed, if you get guild in trouble because of that, you're on your own. But if ppl ks/ try pk you/ harm you in some other way, don't be afraid to make em eat the floor

If/when (when most likely) you get PK'd it's always allowed to ask guildies help. But you must remeber not be selfish here either. It's not always possible for ppl to come and help you. In these situations, TeamSpeak will again show it's importance. Don't be afraid to use it

Another major thing we require from our members is teamwork. We don't look for guys who are just trying to leech pt's/exp/stuff/bosskills from guild and dont wanna contribute them self anyways. We need every guildies participation in guild wars, KOS-killings and so on. If you are not willing to make any effort to be in guild, do not except anything from guild. Leaders will see who are actually doing something for the guild, and who are juts asking dg parties.

Also, AllBLACKS are a LEGIT guild. We DO NOT tolerate anykind fo cheating/hacking/botting/duping or scamming. If you want to vac-hack your way guilckly to higher lvl's, want to dupe yourself full +9 set or something else stubid, this is not the guild for you. We WILL kick person out of the guild just if theres enough accusations whiout actual proof. If I see a ss of person vachacking, hes out of the guild faster than rabbit can breed. Even if your friend is hacking and luring mobs for you to kill, you will be kicked. We do not want to be friends of hackers or be helped by them. If you wanna play legitly and have fun in the prosses, this is the place for you.

Allso couse it seems like its a hip nowdays to troll the forums, from now on it's forbidden. Feel free to make as many posts as you wish, as long they are good for some legit topic. If you cuontinue to make pointless posts, you may get banned

Here is what I can up now, may add/remove stuff later.

AllBLACKS will hold all rights to these rules and to change them ©®.

Have fun, enjoy the game and hope you enjoy your time in AllBLACKS.

Once you try BLACK, you never go back, so stay Black.


Nuoli - Official spokesman of AllBLACKS.

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Guild rules
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